Slow feed dog bowl – Anti Vomiting Pet Bowl

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Give your dog a meal, or all day, in the same bowl with these slow-feed dog bowls. These bowls feature an anti-vomiting technology that prevents your dog from throwing up what he eats.

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Is it a slow feed bowl or a pet bowl Delaware Ohio?

This is a slow feeder with an inclined height stand design that reduces stress on the joints, stomach and spine, and the anti-vomit pet food bowl allows your pet to comfortably enjoy their meal.

Whether you’re a pet owner or not, you’ll love the anti-vomiting design! Prevent your pet from vomiting while they eat by using the anti-vomiting pet bowl.

Anti Vomiting Pet Bowl - Pet Food Bowls

This bowl features a patented anti-vomit design that allows your pet to eat without disturbing or offending others.

The Anti-vomiting-Pet-bowl is a unique bowl that prevents your pet from eating too much and from salivating at the same time.

The bowl is cleverly designed to prevent vomiting and excessive salivation that can occur after eating. The bowls can be used for different types of food and come in two sizes.

For dogs and cats, meal time can be a time of stress and worry. When your pet eats from a bowl, they have to worry about which end of the bowl to use, what they’re eating, and whether they’re going to be sick.

The Anti-Vomiting-Pet-Bowl help reduces stress and worries during meal time with its wide opening and smooth surface. It’s easy to clean and easy to fill, so your pet can have a stress-free mealtime.

Keep your pet’s water fresh and clean with the Anti-Vomiting Pet Bowl. It’s a revolutionary bowl that helps reduce over-drinking and vomiting. It’s also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean!

We have developed this dog bowl to hold water at a slow, drinkable rate.

This type of slow feeder has a stainless steel slow feeder bowl and a high-quality plastic slow feeder insert.

The slow feeder insert creates a gentle outward hound fun feeder that keeps your dog’s water bowl clean and prevents water from spilling outside of the slow feeder.

It’s a slow-feed dog bowl for small and large dogs with a suction cup bottom and a slow feeder insert.

Designed for dogs who need a slow eating pace, this feeder allows small and large dogs to eat without choking.

The outward hound fun feeder is a slow feed bowl that has a lot of outward hound fun features.

Anti-Vomiting Pet Bowl is a slow-feed dog bowl, outward hound fun feeder, which prevents your pet from ingesting too much food and throwing it up.

This bowl for dogs has a slow feeder insert and a suction cup.

This bowl for small dogs and large dogs has an easy-to-clean, stainless steel bowl that is mentally stimulating for your dog.

If your dog or cat is prone to vomiting, coughing, or choking on their food, then you may have found the solution to the problem – a slow-feeder dog bowl.

These bowls are designed to feed your dog or cat in small portions. They are also known as outbound hound feeders and slow feeders.

These bowls are primarily designed to make feeding your dog or cat easier and prevent choking and vomiting.

Features of slow feed bowl :

  • Featuring a smooth and curved design, eating does not hurt the mouth, food is not easy to fall out of.
  • Use PC materials, rest assured, resistant, easy to clean the bottom non-slip design, intimate gentle.
  • The bowl can be disassembled so that the owner is a simple daily clean structure, with no cleaning angle.

Specifications of Anti-Vomiting Pet Bowl:

  • Type: Pet Feeding
  • Material: PC



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