Pet Grooming Brush

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Our Pet Grooming Brush is a durable, chemical-free, pet hair-removing brush with a soft, velvety handle. This unique design can be used to easily groom cats, dogs, horses, and more.

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This is our Pet Grooming Brush that massages your pet’s fur and enhances blood circulation and makes your pet feel comfortable and relaxed.

Features of Pet Grooming Brush:

  • Pet Grooming Brush is a great pet tool for those pets whose hairs are long and easy to tangle, it will be more effective to use this grooming comb.
  • After brushing off the hair with Pet Brush, press the cleaning button to remove the residual hair on the brush. Takes only about 5 seconds.
  • Our convenient pet grooming Brush is slightly curved, designed to go deep under the pet’s fur for cleaning.
pet grooming brush

Specifications of Pet Grooming Brush:

  • Type: Pet Grooming
  • Material: ABS, Stainless steel



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