Pet Anti Dog Barking Device Silencer and Trainer (Quality Device)

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Can’t find a solution to stopping your dog from barking? Then it is time to try this Anti Dog Barking Spray. The anti-dog barking spray will work on all types of dogs by stopping them in their tracks.

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Anti-dog barking devices

Pet Anti-Barking Silencer and Trainer. No Collar Indoor & Outdoor Stop unwanted behavior and Barking Dog Devices.


Pet Anti Dog Barking Device Silencer and Trainer

  • Train Them Safety: Before dogs develop the bad habit of barking at others or an attacking mindset, an ultrasonic dog trainer can prevent and control the behavior from the day they turn 6 months old! And while a regular dog training clicker is great for training in positive behaviors, the STUNICK handheld anti-bark training will chill out all the negative ones, so you get greater results in puppy training!
  • How Pet Anti Dog Barking Device Silencer and Trainer Works: When your dog performs an anti-social action (like a dog barking, aggression, or running off), simply press the button on your ultrasonic device and the irritating noise will stop dogs from barking or stop them in their tracks to discourage the bad behavior. You won’t hear it, but it annoys them! Keep training the behavior for 3-10 days to allow the conditioning reflex to learn the new action, it’s great as a remote control.
  • Effective Up To 20 Feet: Did your dog just run off? It’s ok, hit the button on Pet Anti Dog Barking Device Silencer and Trainer and they’ll stop from anywhere up 20 feet. Then call them back and reinforce the good behavior with a treat. And, if you have neighbors’ dogs who bark, point this anti-barking training gadget in their direction as a deterrent and in 10 days they might have learned the new behavior too! Not suitable for deaf or hearing impaired pets.
  • Can I Scare Dog Away? While these Pet Anti Dog Barking Device Silencer and Trainer devices feature a sonic anti-barking deterrent and are bright to shine into the eyes, you cannot use them as a safety device against attacking or aggressive dogs They may not be trained or conditioned, and you can never know exactly how tough or angry the other dog is. Use dog barking control devices as noise repellent or training tools only.

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