Pet Selfie Stick

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Take a funny selfie with your pet! A self-timer camera takes a picture once the pet’s face is within the camera’s view. The camera takes a picture when the pet’s face is within the viewfinder.


This is our Pet Selfie Stick Clip, clip your PETS’ favorite treat or toy to grab their full attention for better clicks.

Features of Pet Selfie Stick:

  • The pet selfie stick with a flower-shaped clip can hold treats or toys to grab the attention of your pet and help capture the perfect picture.
  • The smartphone pet selfie stick can be easily attached to any mobile phone with great ease and does not scratch your phone.
  • The flexible neck allows you to adjust to any angle, utilizing the front and rear-facing camera.


  • Type: Pet Accessories
  • Material: PVC

Pet Selfie Stick


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