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Smart Moving Snake Cat Toy

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The most exciting and fun snake cat toy for your cat! Your cat will be fascinated with this toy, which is filled with lots of sounds and shaking! With its head shaking, rattling, and rolling, your cat will be in a crazy mood!

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The Smart Moving Snake Cat Toy

The Snake Cat Toy is a cute, fun and innovative toy designed to keep pets relaxed and entertained. This toy features a moving snake design, with a great sound to keep your pet engaged and entertained.

This is a modern snake toy that has a moving head and tail.

This is a classic toy that has entertained many generations of children, but with new and improved features. The moving snake cat toy features a moving snake and a ball with a scratching bar.

This is a great toy for your feline friend to stretch their legs and get some exercise while at the same time, having a good time. It takes minimal effort to maintain and is a great way to help your cat stay healthy.

This snake has a flexible body, which will make it a great cat toy! It’s also a great interactive toy for cats and small dogs.

A moving snake cat toy, this toy will keep your cat entertained for hours. It will provide your cat with hours of fun and entertainment. It is also great for sensory stimulation. A fun toy for your cat!

This moving snake cat toy is a great companion for any cat that enjoys playing with an inanimate object. The snake toy will wrap itself around your cat’s body and mimic the movements of a snake. The more your cat plays with the snake, the more it will stretch. The toy will be a good exercise for your cat as it will help with its weight management and muscle tone.

It’s time to get your pets some new toys to play with, and this might just be the perfect one! Our snake has a built-in sensor, so it will react to movement and your pet will love it.

If you love to watch your cat play, this is the perfect toy for you. The moving head moves back and forth and the body of the snake occasionally slithers while the tail wiggles.

This moving snake cat toy is a fun and interactive toy for your pet. It’s a safe and secure toy for your pet. Made of non-toxic BPA-free materials, this toy is safe for your pet. It’s a fun toy that will keep your pet entertained for hours.

Our Moving Snake Cat Toy is a fun toy for your pet snake. The toy is made of thick plastic and has a plexiglass cover so you can see the snake moving inside. The toys are also made of non-toxic materials.

The toy is very durable and can last for a long time. This is a perfect toy for a pet snake.

This moving snake cat toy is a must-have for any snake owner. It will have your cat loving the soft and flexible material, natural rubber “Venomous” snake, and will keep them entertained for hours.

Snake Cat Toy is a moving snake toy for your cat. The snake can crawl and hit the top of the box, making your cat chase after it. It is a perfect pet toy for your cat, who loves to chase and play with moving objects. Made of high-quality material and easy to wash.

Key Features of Smart Snake Cat Toy:

  • The Smart Snake Cat Toy moves forward when you put your hand in front of it. When it encounters an obstacle, its eyes blink and it automatically avoids the stuck place. This toy snake can flick its tongue and swing its tail. They move very fast and are great playmates for cats, which can also be used for chewing.
  • This smart snake cat toy is the perfect size for kids to play with. It is made of high-quality ABS material that is eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • This Smart Snake Cat Toy is more realistic and fun, with 3D textures and bright colors. It has a segmented body that ensures excellent sliding action, and a high-wear tire design that is not easy to damage.
  • It only takes 40 minutes to charge this toy completely, and it can be played with for more than 15 minutes. To start, turn on the S-type switch, and it will deactivate after 1 minute of continuous play. To activate it again, tap the head of the snake toy.


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Specification 40*4*3.5CM

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Moving Snake Cat Toy
Moving Snake Cat Toy
Moving Snake Cat Toy
Moving Snake Cat Toy
Moving Snake Cat Toy



15 reviews for Smart Moving Snake Cat Toy

  1. Megan

    My cat is sort of interested in it but for the price it isnt really worth it. It does get stuck often. But it is cute and does work so depends on you and your cat if it is a right fit for you.

  2. Sheila

    Toy is really cool, moves like a real snake, has a sensor so when it approaches an obstacle or wall it backs up and turns then carries on. Found out the rubber had slipped off a wheel and there was hair and fuzz stuck around wheel when it would only go in circles, which was a very simple fix with tweezers. My biggest concern was if you have a long hair cat, like I have a Maine Coon with a long mane…be very careful!!! He loved it so much until the wheels got tangled in his mane and he completely freaked out and ran around like a maniac until it detached then he was completely traumatized and would run away at the mere sight or sound of it. I may have to return it, which stinks because it is so realistic how it moves, but I swear my poor cat thought it was actually biting him. A short haired cat would love it.Update…instead of returning it I gave it to my aunt for her short haired kitty and he absolutely loves it…no issues at all.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this as a cat toy for my 1 year old cat. When it arrived, cat was intrigued but that only lasted for 15 minutes when he became bored of it. Snake fully charged moves slowly.

  4. Andrew Q

    So this is a cute little toy that works best on hard flooring. It won’t move on carpet. For the cost, I appreciate that it actually has decent sensors on it. My cats literally are goofballs and stare at it until it stops and then slowly stalk it. Next. One paw slowly raises and touches it and it goes again. Fun to watch.

  5. J

    It’s cute. My cat hates it. It’s too hard for her to carry. Don’t like the tipping over part either. But hey, your cat might be different.

  6. No

    I like it get stuck alot but it’s fun and my cat trying to figure out what is it🤣

  7. meemiimoo

    The media could not be loaded.

     I like that it gives my dog something to play with in the house, my cats aren’t too interested in it lol. It’s also great that when my dog bats at it when it’s asleep, it starts back up again.I’m not so fond of it getting stuck easily, I spend a fair amount of time moving it. It charges in under an hour and lasts for several hours, maybe 4-6?

  8. Angie

    One of my three cats love it and when I say love it he drags it around by it tail and paws at it. We had such a laugh that my son bought one for his cats. One loved and the other could care less. The one that likes it is completely obsessed with it. The only negative is that the small wheels under the chest get loaded with lint, dust, and dirt causing the snake not to move like it did in the beginning. It is difficult to clean the wheels too. I have to use a toothpick and it is doing better but I have to figure out how to clean them up.

  9. cece williams

    Works great for a few days then doesn’t hold a charge, returned the first one and they replaced it but same thing…doesn’t hold a charge

  10. a.

    It moves at a decent speed and does what it says. I just think my kitties wants something a bit faster.

  11. Jerry C. Welsh, Jr.

    I have a lot of door thresholds and area rugs and this thing gets stuck constantly, plus the cat really has no interest in it at all. If it could run for a few minutes without me having to stop and redirect it, it might interest the cat, but its hard to tell. The body of the snake is plastic and seems pretty rugged and the sensing of obstacles works some of the time, but sometimes it just runs right into one. To be fair I have a lot of area rugs and other obstacles. It runs okay on a low pile rug, but not as fast. I will be seeking to return this.

  12. Cheryl Wilson

    Creepy to me but the cats enjoy it when it has a full charge. It is rechargeable, and the description states that fully charged should last 30ish minutes, however reality is about 10 at full power and then it’s sluggish. Pretty pricey for not much entertainment time imo.

  13. Amazon CustomerJess

    Cat loves it

  14. Ruby

    The idea is great but the materials that it’s made out of might need a change. I have 4 different personality cats. They are interested and touch it but that’s all they can do. They can’t pick it up like they could if it was real. Battery seems to last a long time. I have to chuckle because it does go to sleep and the eyes go dark until they touch it. then the eyes come back on and it’s wicked looking. I’ve had a few of these battery operated toys and this is the best so far. The idea that it backs up when approaching an object is great and it works well. My only comment would be to make the snake material a little more flexible or maybe the tail. It’s a great idea

  15. Melissa A Biallas

    This snake moves in a way that captivates my cat’s attention. She loves stalking it. The snake responds to things around it and the way my cat plays with it. It sometimes gets stuck on my thicker carpets but works well my hard floors and thinner carpets. This is her favorite toy and mine too because I can turn it on and let her play.

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