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The Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set is a great way to safely and humanely train your cats to walk on a leash. This set includes two leashes that attach to a harness. The leashes are short enough to allow your cat to walk freely in a room but long enough to stop

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Cat Harness Escape-proof cat leash

The Escape Proof Cat Harness  Leashes Set is the most innovative, safe,

and effective way to walk a pet. Hands-free, the Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes

Set makes walking a pet safe and easy.

We all know cats are adventurous and get a little upset when put in a cage.

But what about those special occasions when you just want your cat to enjoy the company of your guests without trying to go outside? Enter the amazing new cat harness and leash combo, the Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash set!

It is perfect for cats who are still learning to walk and transition to a harness. 

The Escape-Proof Cat Harness and Leash Set is a fashionable, easy-to-use,

cat harness and leash set with a vest-style design that allows your cat to be comfortable while being safe. Your pet will never get out of the harness and is held securely on the leash.

This harness is the perfect solution for cats that tend to jump out of their

 carriers or don’t like being held.

The harness is made from non-toxic, PVC-free materials and is fully washable, making it the perfect solution for cats

who love to scratch and climb.

 It’s a good idea to put the harness on your pet when you are traveling with them.

This is a great item for traveling with your cat.

Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set

Do you’ve got got a home cat who would love to spend time outdoors?

Or a door cat who desires to accompany you on walks?

Then you can need to decide in case you don’t forget to make an investment

in a cat leash.

If you’ve always dreamed of taking your kitten for an outdoor walk,

 the Escape Proof Cat Harness Leash Set is the perfect product for you and

 your cat.

This cat harness is the perfect solution for large cats who have a tendency to

escape from the traditional harnesses, and for small cats who have a tendency

to get out of the harnesses.

Designed with a vest strap that offers maximum comfort and is easy to put on 

and take off.

The harness has an adjustment point and reflective strips to ensure the safety

of your cat throughout the day.

The Escape Proof Cat Harness Leash Set is a harness designed to keep your

 cat comfortable while providing maximum protection from escapees.

 The harness is made of mesh fabric and provides ample airflow to keep your

 pet cool.

The strap connects to a leash with an adjustable collar, and it has a reflective

strip. This is a great way to keep your cat safe in any situation.

Escape Proof Cat Harness is a mix between a vest and a harness. It is easy to put on and take off your cat and is made of mesh fabric that keeps 

your cat in a comfortable position. Adjustment points allow you to easily adjust

the fit.

It also has reflective strips on the back to make your cat more visible in low-light conditions. The harness includes a leash and a matching collar.

The best cat harness for large cats. With a weight range of 10-60lbs, the best cat harness for large cats is easy to put on.

It also has reflective strips for safety at night. Adjustment points allow for a comfortable fit for your cat and mesh fabric is breathable to keep your cat cool

in the summer.

Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set

The Carseat Cat Harness with Interior Locking Collar is a great alternative to a full-body harness. Designed to fit a variety of vehicles and allow your cat to move around comfortably.

The harness has a built-in interior locking collar to prevent your cat from jumping

out of the car. With this harness, you can avoid your cat from scratching you or

other passengers.

Because cats are escape artists, it’s important to keep an eye on them while

they play outside.

Our easy-fitting cat harness and leash set is the perfect solution for keeping your cat close

 and enjoying the outdoors.

The harness is soft and comfortable, and the leash is flexible enough to fit around most trees. This set includes a cat harness, leash, and collar.


This anti-escaping cat harness leash set is made of lightweight, soft and breathable air mesh

 fabric and soft elastic padding, effectively preventing injury, and providing comfort and protection.

Designed to limit your puppy’s movement or overheat your adorable puppy when it’s hot, the reinforced stitching allows you to walk your puppy with confidence.


Unlike different products, our Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set has replicative stripes which may reflect close light-weight in low-light conditions, guaranteeing most visibility once night exercise; This cat escape-proof harness options

a durable D-ring on the rear to connect to the cat leash.

The vest-style design can distribute leash pressure across the chest and

shoulders to prevent choking or neck strain, which offers much more comfort and security than other style harnesses.

Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set


Easy to Wear:

This easy-to-wear safety Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set is easy to

install and remove, with 2 safety buckles and 4 fully adjustable straps on the

chest and neck.

Safe Harness:

The vest design can evenly distribute leash pressure across the chest and

shoulder which can prevent your cat from choking or neck strain.

Super Comfortable:

This super comfortable anti-escape cat harness leash set is made of high-quality fabric with soft edges and air mesh

padding to effectively prevent injuries and provide extra comfort and protection.

SPECIFICATIONS of Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set:

  • Size: S, M, L

  • Color: Orange pink, Orange Green, Pink Green, Blue Pink, Red Blue, Blue

  • Material: Nylon, Oxford Fabric


  • 1x Pet Harness

  • Escape Proof Cat Harness Leashes Set

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