Dog Hair Comb Lint Roller – Stainless Steel Comb

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Lint rollers are the best way to clean the lint that accumulates in your clothes.  Most are made with plastic and are cheap, but you can make your own from a plastic bowl and a toothbrush.  It clips onto your clothes and has a strip on it to

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This is our Dog Hair Comb Lint Roller with 3 retractable stainless steel short comb teeth, it can remove the brushed hair and fibers rapidly.

Features of Dog Hair Comb Lint Roller:

  • Using Dog Hair Comb Lint Roller to comb cats and dogs, can quickly remove loose hair, adhesive fibers, and impurities, and make the fur smoother and silky.
  • On the other hand, the rubber brush head can be used for grooming and massaging pets, which they really enjoy.
  • It can also be used to remove pet hair from clothes, seats, sofas, etc. Without a handle, it is easy to carry along.

Specifications :

  • Type: Pet Grooming
  • Material: PP, Stainless Steel

Dog Hair Comb Lint Roller


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