Sometimes you think about it, and sometimes you don’t. But for those of us that do, it’s the question that leaves all of us wondering: How do I determine the right bed for my pet?

 Some, of course, might say you’re crazy. Why does your pet need a bed? Well, if you think about it, why do any of us need a bed? Just as your body recharges overnight, so do your beloved furry friends. So why not let them recharge in style and comfort?

 That leads us to the question of how to determine the right bed for your pet. A dog bed provides a calming retreat for your beloved furry companion. It’s their own personal hideaway where nothing in the world can bother them, so they can rest, recharge, and be ready to go in the morning.

 So, when thinking about how to determine which bed is right for your pet, here are some things to keep in mind –

 How much space do you have?

 If you’re a city dweller living in a tight space, you might need to get creative. Given that you probably already have several articles of furniture that serve multiple purposes, why not get creative with your pet bed too? That’s why we’re obsessed with the hanging bed! The hanging bed is a perfect way for your pet to hang in style while saving you some much-needed floor space. It makes the perfect addition to any home, and the one we have on our site even hangs on the window for your pet to have an awesome view of the outdoors and their surroundings.

Do they sleep hot at night?

 Believe it or not, some animals actually sleep in certain temperatures. While there are several different factors at play when determining this, we have solutions for all of it! If it’s summertime and the heat is bearing down, a cooling bed is probably a better option. This allows your pet to adsorb the nice coolness of the floor while still getting some cushioning from the bed and having a spot to call their own. Some even have a built-in pillow!

 On the other hand, if it’s the winter months, you’re likely going to want something that provides a bit more warmth. We suggest a fleece pet mat – it uses your pet’s body temperature to keep them warm while looking stylish and chic at the same time! If you have the space, you could even opt to treat them like the royalty that they are and get them their own mini pet house! It definitely is the ultimate way to pamper your pet while keeping them warm when it’s cold outside. 

Do they have any special needs?

 Some of our furry friends have special needs. While some might be due to old age, others might be due to young age. When you’re potty training your pet, accidents are bound to occur, which is why we highly recommend having a urine absorbent washable pad that your pet can call their bed while they’re going through these changes. It helps you stop accidents before they happen, saving you time in the long term!

 All in all, the decision on which bed to get your pet is both a personal one and a logistical one. There are many seasons of life and different changes we all go through, so picking out the perfect bed for your pet for each occasion is only part of the journey! To explore more options, visit our Pet Beds collection on